Prompted by the persistance of my very dear 90 year old Aunt who needed to know who exactly was this Bill Ayers person that she was hearing about on talk radio and what did he have to do with the then Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, I was “commisioned” to search for political truth.  Up until that probing question, I had been content to focus on the local nightly news, the Today show and sports talk radio……………..I had only an passing interest in the  political scene…………….shame on me!!!……………… and a great big thank you to Aunt Evie for the wake up call I needed!

A google search of Bill Ayers, led to information on the Weather Underground, Hugo Chavez, “revolution through education”, the Annenburg Challenge, Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett…………………….and that was just the beginning.  In the four ensuing years, I have embarked on a mission of “knowing and informing” as I have poured over numerous articles and documents, clicking on link after link “doing my own homework” as Glenn Beck would say.  What I discovered, is just how far removed our country had progressed from the Judeo-Christian, Constitutional Republic of our Founding Fathers over the course of the last seventy years.

My purpose in putting up articles on this blog is to share with family and friends the knowledge that I have gained from my pursuit of the truth.  Fortunately, there are many very dedicated and knowledgeable seekers of the truth, who use not only their considerable intellect and wisdom, but most importantly, their use of right reason to guide them to investigate, question and articulate the moral and political issues confronting us today.

The following quote which I have kept on my refrigerator for years now inspires me more that ever………….may it also inspire you.

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