What Does Obama Know About Business?

I am sad to report that during my brief absence due to taking a little “beach R & R”,  the President has been very “busy” (please check out the “President’s Schedule on the Whitehouse.gov website) sashaying around the United States in search of more votes by demonizing his opponent and belittling the real job creators.  The following is an excerpt from the staff at Twitchy.com who review comments posted on Twitter.  See what some of the small business owners have had to say about the President’s comments made at a campaign stop in Roanoke, Virginia (you can copy and paste the link below to listen to the specific comments he made)

President Obama uttered an infuriating and offensive remark, in a seemingly endless list of infuriating and offensive things, during his speech in Virginia yesterday. The President decided to slam small business owners and give credit for their successes to the government. Talk to the hand, small business owners!

No, really; sadly, it is not a joke. President Obama said “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Last night, some on Twitter gave him the business. His statement was infuriating enough on its face, but coming from a man who knows nothing about the real world outside of an Ivory Tower, it is downright maddening.


Beyond shake fist-y! Today, some business owners (and builders) are trying to teach him a little something about what it means to build a business and what it entails. Sure, they may not have the vast experience of community organizing on which to draw but they, unlike the president, know what they are talking about.

Perhaps President Obama should listen to people who actually function in the real world. Heck, maybe he should stop listening to Nancy Pelosi, who thinks unemployment is the biggest stimulus to the economy (yummy The State checks!) and instead listen to another fellow Democrat Blanche Lincoln? Remember when she rightly dissed his lack of payroll skills?

She also took a swipe at Obama’s White House, referencing a constituent who “fears that there’s no one in your administration that understands what it means to go to work on Monday and make a payroll on Friday.“

Bingo. But that isn’t the full extent; not only is he clueless, but he truly believes The State is paramount and should run all. Everyone must rely on The State for everything; no personal successes. It’s totally not fair if some businesses are more successful, through hard work and determination. The State will do a better job … handing out participation ribbons, at best, only.

To Obama, people can’t succeed on their own without being tethered to and enslaved by The State.

Check out the frustration of just some of the Twitter “folks” who made the following comments:

David Limbaugh @DavidLimbaugh

Obama is so clueless about private enterprise & business he apparently has no clue when he makes statements revealing what a socialist he is

Kevin Eder @keder

Every business owner should be appalled about what Obama said yesterday. He literally has no idea what he’s talking about.

Pam Besteder @pambesteder

Sorry Obama, but I & MY husband BUILT our small business at night AFTER our full time day jobs in our basement…WE deserve ALL the credit!

Neil Armstrong @neilonthemoon  (not the “real” Neil Armstrong)

Hey Obama, I built my business from scratch, sacrificing, sweat. Something you will never relate too. EVER.

Douglas Paul Cox @USSUtahFlattop

@BarackObama I worked in my family’s business & I know what my family did to build it. They built it, not someone else. Get a clue, Mr. Pres

Julie Memmolo @julmem

I think lots of hard work built it! We have a plumbing business-did not see President Obama pulling any sewer cables with my bro!

Johnny Martinez @jmjrpsja

If someone else built my business why am I the one who lays awake at night wondering how I am going to make payroll?

Drew @MetricButtload

Feel better now that I know the government built my business for me. I’ll let them stay up nights worrying about it.

Harry Larris @HarryLarris

The average small business owner works 60 hours a week. Over 50% work 7 days a week. Obama worked 12 hours last week.

Bobby Sands @StarvingIrish

I would Like To Thank All The People Who Helped Me Pull Tires Off Cars. As A Kid In My Father’s Junkyard. Building His Biz !


What does Obama know about business?

1366 Technologies
Beacon Power
AES subsidy Eastern Energy

5 have filed for bankruptcy and the rest are “junk bond rated”

I guess Obama will blame it on a gambling addiction next.
and I’m still in business, in spite of you Obama!

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