Let Them Eat Cake

illustration by Lisa Hanawalt via the Hairpin

Click link to view fundraising ploy:


I received an e-mail from the Obama campaign this week with the usual ploy of enticing me to contribute at least three dollars to help fund the campaign, after which I would then be entered into a raffle for a chance to be flown to New York to have dinner with Anna Wintour (who??) and President Obama at Sarah Jessica Parker’s home.  The e-mail continued, “We don’t have the special-interest and high-dollar donor advantage that Romney has. Barack Obama has you, and we are bound and determined to fight back on behalf of a country where everyone gets a fair shot and a fair shake.”  Well, I then saw the above televised ad with Anna Wintour (and I now know that she is the editor of Vogue whose character was portrayed as the devil in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”)…………………and once you hear her voice in the ad and see the video clip below, you will no doubt understand the hypocrisy of the Obama charade which continues to be perpetuated about his concern for us  “folks” who “cling to our guns or religion…………..as a way to explain our frustrations.”

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