If I Wanted America To Fail

I am always, always, always on the look-out for articles which are able to convey an important message in a clear, concise manner.  The issues facing our country in this election year are numerous and complicated and it is so easy to become discouraged and dispirited.   It becomes difficult to differentiate fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, loyalty from deceit, preservation from transformation.  This particular four-minute video gets to the heart and soul of the choice before us.  My hope is that it will resonate with you so that you will be encouraged to share it with others.  Oh, and something to keep in mind………….Twitter suspended the video’s sponsor Free Market America as reported on Michelle Malkin’s blog this morning:

“for some strange reason, Twitter silenced the official account for the new Americans for Limited Government project Free Market America. The account, @FreeMarket_US, went live a few days before Earth Day and was slowly picking up steam……………………….When it comes to using Twitter as a tool for promoting your political cause, you better hope that Twitter approves of your message or else you will be censored. So watch out, you could be next!”

Apparently, many conservative voices responded online and Twitter has since restored the account.  (thus proving that our voices can be heard and the only way to win is to speak up!).

  1. #1 by Christine Demko on April 25, 2012 - 9:03 pm

    No wonder I have such creepy dreams of living in desolated places, trying unsuccessfully to climb impossible hills and things! By the way….do you have any extra Zanex?

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